- Updates -

02/01/16 - Final studio album "Hung Like Jesus" to be followed by final "Ain't Worth My Blood" tour

08/05/15 - Storm of Hatred 2015 DVD available at

01/29/15 - Added some missing video from last year's Spring Slaughter and a couple of 2015 videos, fixed track order on The Flying Monkey (07-13-2007) audio.

01/28/15 - Storm of Hatred tour has begun - see here for dates.

04/20/14 - Added Firehouse 13 audio from Spring Slaughter (torrent not yet updated).

03/30/14 - Official CS Live DVD "Do Demons Sing?" available for purchase here.

03/29/14 - Cancerslug is touring the east coast through April - see here for tour dates.